Ornamental element FeedPlates and Feedy


Low, Standard and High release
TypeArticleSubstrateRelease after 48 h *
96 well, roundSMFP00701Glucose3 mg
96 well, roundSMFP01001Glucose5 mg
96 well, roundSMFP08001Glucose10 mg
96 well, squareSMFP00702Glucose4 mg
96 well, squareSMFP01002Glucose6 mg
96 well, squareSMFP04002Glucose12 mg
96 well, squareSMFP08002Glucose14 mg
48 well, roundSMFP08004Glucose23 mg
24 well, eckigSMFP00703Glucose18 mg
24 well, eckigSMFP01003Glucose30 mg
24 well, eckigSMFP04003Glucose48 mg
24 well, eckigSMFP08003Glucose60 mg


Low and High release
TypeArticleSubstrateRelease after 48 h *
96 well, roundSMFP11001Glycerol3.5 mg
96 well, roundSMFP12001Glycerol6.5 mg
96 well, squareSMFP11002Glycerol5 mg
96 well, squareSMFP12002Glycerol10 mg
48 well, roundSMFP11004Glycerol10 mg
48 well, roundSMFP12004Glycerol19 mg
24 well, squareSMFP11003Glycerol27 mg
24 well, squareSMFP12003Glycerol40 mg


High release plus
TypeArticleSubstrateRelease after 48 h *
96 well, roundSMFP02701Glucose15 mg
96 well, squareSMFP02702Glucose18 mg
48 well, roundSMFP02704Glucose36 mg
24 well, squareSMFP02703Glucose100 mg

* Release determined at 37 ° C in 10 mM PBS buffer, pH 7.4

For your high-throughput screening, we recommend that you check the substrate release under your own cultivation conditions and with your own media.

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Release rates of 96 well round FeedPlates®

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