Kuhner Shaker
Feeding Technology

Innovation in high-throughput screening

Freisetzung von NährstoffenFreisetzung von Nährstoffen

Fed-Batch High-Throughput Screening
with a controlled substrate release

Select your optimal production strain
fast and reliable

High product yields

Continuous nutrient release for optimal product formation.

Reduction of costs

Low investment costs.
Efficient process development.

Selection of the best strain

Fast and reliable selection of the optimal production strain

Batch cultivation mode can cause formation of undesired by-products and reduced enzyme activity

The Kuhner Feeding Technology enhances your product yields in screening experiments

No pumps or external enzymes required

Our technology is based on a silicone matrix in which nutrients are embedded. After geeting into contact with liquid, a continuous release of nutrients into the medium is initiated. This allows a controlled feeding of the cultivation process.

All products of the Kuhner Feeding Technology are delivered sterile and can easily be used with standard laboratory equipment.

Shakers from Kuhner Shaker perfectly support your professional daily work. Rely on the outstanding quality and innovative features and chose the best cultivation condition for your screening experiments.

The unique direct drive ensures a constant and reliable performance with very low energy consumption. It is the only drive on the market which allows an easy adjustement of the shaking diameter. Moreover, a precise temperature , humidity and CO2 control and low energy consumption are important characteristics of these shakers.

Optional features and a broad range of accessories allow an adjustment of each shaker to your individual needs. The Kuhner Insight software and various interfaces help you to record and control your bioprocess data.

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